mildew proof paper
mildew proof paper
Material :plastic composite film
Color:milky white
Manner ofpackaging:coil packaging
  • Description

1、pure natural plant essential oil extraction, three layer film state,comply with EU environmental standards, its toxicity is lower than that ofsalt.

2、The verificationindicates that the mildew proof effect of WIT mildew proof paper is severaltimes higher than that of the rest of the product on the market. There will notbe any mildew within validity time.

3、It is easy to handle,you only need to put it into the shoe box or stick on it, there is no need toadd or spray any agent, saving time and cost of packing process.

4、Within validity time, WIT mildew proof paper can be recycled if ingood condition or without any defects. If comply with the environmentalstandard under the mold, the protective product can be with no mold in sixmonths.

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