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Address: No.29, Langbei Industrial Zone, Frighten Pit Road, Longgang District, Shenzhen
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Located at Shenzhen,Shenzhen Minghui Antibacterial Technology Co., Ltd is professional atdeveloping producing and selling all kinds of mouldproof, moistureproof, freshkeeping products and plastic products. From the beginning of the establishment,Shenzhen Minghui Antibacterial Technology Co., Ltd adheres to the businesspurpose of “Technology, innovation, quality, service, win-win relationship”.Introducing domestic and foreign advanced production equipment and technology andproducing efficient products and providing high grade service with ourcustomers, Shenzhen Minghui Antibacterial Technology Co., Ltd aims at creatinga win-win situation. Making full use of resources, Shenzhen MinghuiAntibacterial Technology Co., Ltd strives to provide customers with the bestcost-effective products, establish strategic alliances and form a long-termpartnership with customers.

With years of continuous research and unremitting efforts, ShenzhenMinghui Antibacterial Technology Co., Ltd has successfully developed its ownbrand of antibacterial product “WIT”, which has successfully solved the dampand mildew problems for the leather, textiles, footwear, electronic component,furniture and other enterprise, winning praise and recognition of the broadmasses of customers. Our products are sold well at home and broad, widely usedin electronic, electrical machinery, hardware, pharmaceutical, food products,leather, shoes, toys and furniture.

Our main products are: WIT mildew proof sheet, mildew proof liquid,mildew proof agent, mycophenolate Biqing mildew tablets, mold proof paper,Calcium Chloride desiccant, moisture resistant beads, deoxidizing agent,container desiccant, silica-gel desiccant, montmorillonite desiccant, limedesiccant, live mineral desiccant, deodorant, humidity indicator card, stretchfilm and resist film, polybag, aluminum foil and so on.

Adhering to the “quality first & customer first”business purpose, Shenzhen Minghui Antibacterial Technology Co ., Ltd persistsin providing our customers with quality service and selling at the lowest priceto ensure that the customers enjoy the biggest discount, winning the trust andsupport of the broad masses of our customers. Adhering to the realistic andinnovative enterprise values, Shenzhen Minghui Antibacterial Technology Co .,Ltd provides a full range of anti mildew moisture preservation and retaining freshness solutions for customers.With the continuous increasing of the company’s business volume, ShenzhenMinghui Antibacterial Technology Co ., Ltd has set up offices in Dongguan tomeet the market needs. Striving to create an international market, we will givethe customers best price with the best service and the lowest price!