Wit Mildew Proof Liquid
Wit Mildew Proof Liquid

Material :coated paper



Manner ofpackaging:1000pieces/roll 20rolls/box

  • Description

1、pure natural plant essential oil extraction, three layer film state, comply with EU environmental standards, its toxicity is lower than that of salt.

2、The verification indicates that the mildew proof effect of WIT mildew proof paper is several times higher than that of the rest of the product on the market. There will not be any mildew within validity time.

3、It is easy to handle, you only need to put it into the shoe box or stick on it, there is no need to add or spray any agent, saving time and cost of packing process.

4、Within validity time, WIT mildew proof paper can be recycled if in good condition or without any defects. If comply with the environmental standard under the mold, the protective product can be with no mold in six months.


1、This product is packed and sealed by aluminum foil bag. If not opened, itcan be stored more than one year. The specification is 125px*125px square, thethickness is 600u, 1000pieces/bag, the effective mold space is 25*25*375px, theusing amount is increased as the size of the space varies.

2、There are 20 rolls in each bag, when using it under special mold work, itcan be of better effect. Put it into the shoe box straightly or stick it on thebox. When the shoe box is put into the big box, put 6 to 7pieces into the bigbox, it can be of best effect. When opened, to avoid contact with air, the restmust be sealed up as soon as possible.

3、Open the box and put the paper into the center of the box as soon aspossible, pull the paper belt out from the crevice on the side and seal up thelid. When use the paper, pull it out and tear it up. But pay attention do notpull it out too long, for it will cause excessive loss of the essential oil.

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