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how to ensure the amount of container desiccant

Release Date:2018-09-29  View:1384

Because ofthe variety and uncertainty of environment, it is hard to calculate the amount.The route of sea transportation, the season of transportation, the packaging ofgoods, kinds of goods and the moisture absorption property of desiccant canaffect the using amount.

Some kind ofplastics paper foam wood cotton and fabric can absorb water. Wood cotton andpaper can absorb 14% of water or more. Some foam can absorb 10% of water. Afterputting desiccant or when temperature is high, water in those stuff will go tothe atmosphere. So when calculate the amount you should include those waterinside. The amount of water absorbed by desiccant is decided by waterabsorption property of those things and the type of desiccant the amount ofdesiccant and the amount of water absorbed by desiccant and the temperatureenvironment at the time.

Forexample: products put in cotton, this kind of cotton can hold 5% to 10% waterof its weight. Most of the water vapor structure of cotton is loose. The waterinside the collodion will be released into the atmosphere to get a newequilibrium point. This phenomenon will not stop until water in desiccantcotton and air is same. The water absorption property of desiccant is muchbetter than cotton. It absorbs water inside the cotton until water vapor issaturated or until there is no more water inside the cotton.

Some goods is maybe too damp, so certainamount of desiccant cannot take good effect. You can decide the using amount ofcontainer desiccant according to the moisture level. The damp problem can besolved completely.

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