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Container desiccant

Release Date:2018-09-29  View:1331

Container desiccant is also called strong desiccant andbiochemical desiccant. It is mainly used in containers transported by sea. Containerstransported under the condition of high moisture and diurnal temperaturedifferences, steam in containers will become container rain. Using containerdesiccant can decrease the water amount in containers and prevent theappearance of container rain.  

types of material

At present, materials using for producing containerdesiccant are: calcium chloride, silica gel, montmorillonite and lime. Montmorillonitewhich has good absorption property and long absorption time and is of goodsafety is the best material for producing container desiccant. The commonspecification of container desiccant are 1900g for container bag and 1900g forcontainer bar.

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