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matters needing attention when using container desiccant

Release Date:2018-09-29  View:1400

1. desiccant only works underthe condition of airtight environment. Container desiccant is the same. If theworking condition is not airtight, desiccant can never absorb the moistureentering continuously from outside space.

2. Desiccants opened but not beused should also be stored airtightly not be put carelessly. Desiccants must bestored under airtight condition so that it can still work next time.

3. the volume of desiccant willbe bigger after absorbing moisture so it need suitable space for put. Youshould not put anything above the desiccant because that will cause desiccantspilling over.

4. during transportationdesiccants should be handled carefully. The transportation and storingcondition should be dry and cool.

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