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type of food desiccant

Release Date:2018-09-29  View:1379

Usually food desiccant is non-toxic, odorless, non-contactcorrosive and environmentally friendly. Food desiccant is used for decreasing moisturelevel and preventing food corruption. Desiccants used in laboratories such asconcentrated sulfuric acid and alkali lime are too dangerous. But they have advantages such as high absorption rateand efficiency cheapness. Desiccants used for food is calcium chloridedesiccant silica gel desiccant montmorillonite desiccant calcium oxidedesiccant and fiber desiccant.  

types of food desiccant:

lime desiccant:

The main component of limedesiccant is calcium oxide. Its moisture absorption property works throughchemical reaction therefore the moisture absorption is irreversible. Under thecondition of low or high outer environmental humidity, it can keep 35% more thanits weight. Being kept in low temperature environment is good for moistureabsorbing and the price is low. It can be widely used in food, clothes, tea,leather, shoes and electrical equipments. At present, it is used most commonlyin snow cake. But lime desiccant is alkali corrosive. The elderly and childrenare often hurt by lime desiccant so it fell into disuse usually.

silica gel desiccant:

Silica gel desiccant is a kindof desiccant which has small moisture permeability. Its main raw materialsilica gel is hydrated silica which has high microporous structure and isnon-toxic, odorless and has stable chemical property and strong moistureabsorption property. It is widely used in instrument, equipment, leather, suitcase,shoes, textiles, food and drugs for moisture absorption and preventing goodsfrom being damaged by corruption rust and moisture. For example, it is used inxylosic alcohol. It is the only one which is admitted by EU standard.

montmorillonite desiccant:

This kind of desiccant use pure naturalmaterial bentonite which is environmentally friendly, non-toxic and odorless non-corrosiveand is harmless to human body. It is widely used in widely used in productswhich can not be packaged in oil and air such as: optical instrument,electronic products, medical care, food packaging, military products andcivilian industry products.

calcium chloride desiccant:

The main material is calciumchloride. It uses high quality calcium carbonate and hydrochloric acid as rawmaterials. It is formed through a series of chemical reaction, synthesis,filtration, evaporation concentration and desiccation. It is solid type shapedin white porous lump, granularity or cellular. It tastes bitter. It isodorless. Aqueous solution is transparent. It is mainly used as raw materialfor inorganic chemical calcium salt, as dehydrator for producing alcohol,ester, ether and acrylic resin and as calcium fortifier, hardener, chelant anddesiccant in food industry.

fiber desiccant:

Fiber desiccant is produced by using purenatural plant fiber and refined by special process. Among all the fiberdesiccants, filmed coated fiber desiccant is convenient practical and doesn’t occupyspace. Its moisture absorption property can reach 100% of its weight which isincomparable with common desiccant. Besides, this kind of product is safe andclean and its price is moderate. It is an ideal choice for biochemical, healthfoods and drugs.

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