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the application of feed mildew proof agent

Release Date:2018-09-29  View:1435

Feed mildew proof agent is an additive which can reduce theamount of microorganism, control the metabolism and growth of microorganism andthe  appearance of mycotoxin, preventingthe loss of nutrition during time of store, preventing mildew and extendingstorage time.

the application of feed mildew proof agent:

1. benzoic acid and sodiumbenzoate: both benzoic acid and sodium benzoatecan control the activity of respiratory enzyme of microorganism cell, damagingthe metabolism of microorganism, therefore effectively controlling the growthand breed of microorganism. Besides, it has no harm to animals’ growth andbreed. Sodium benzoate is mainly used in feedingstuff, the amount is no morethan 0.1%.

2. propionic acid and propionicacid salt series: propionic acid is a kind of organic acid. It is a whitetransparent liquid and is soluble in water. Propionate includes sodium propionate,calcium propionate, potassium propionate and ammonium propionate.  Both propionic acid and propionic acid saltseries are acid mildew proof agent. Both of them have a wide antimicrobialspectrum which has an inhibitory action against molds fungi and yeasts. They havelittle toxicity all kinds of animals can use it. They are the most commonmildew proof agent in feedingstuff.

3.Fumaric acid and its esteryeasts: Fumaric acid esters include two methyl fumarate, diethyl fumarate anddibutyl fumarate. two methyl fumarate has the best mildew proof efficiency. Fumaricacid and its ester yeasts is acid mildew proof agent which has a wideantimicrobial spectrum and can improve taste and increase the coefficient of utilizationof feedingstuff. The common amount is usually 0.2%.

4. dehydroacetic acid:dehydroacetic acid which can has strong efficiency of antibacterial mildewproof and yeast development controlling. It has a special efficiency towardsmildew. It has a certain antibacterial efficiency under the condition of acidand soda. dehydroacetic acid is a low toxic fungicide and has no harm commonly.The using amount is about 0.05%.

5. parabens: has the best effecttowards mildew and microzyme. Putting with powder would affect its efficiency whichshould be paid attention to.

6. compound mildew proof agent: compoundmildew proof agent is formed by putting two or mare than two kinds of differentmildew proof agent. For example: gram of mould produced in America isformed by propoinic acid, acetic acid, benzoic acid and sorbic acid. Compoundmildew proof agent which is widely used convenient and has good mildew proofeffect has wide antimicrobial spectrum. It is a common kind of mildew proofagent in feedingstuff.  


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