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Which is good for silica gel desiccant and mineral desiccant?

Release Date:2013-11-01  View:1239

Silica gel desiccant and mineral desiccant are the two most common desiccants on the market at present, so which one of them is good and what is the difference between them? Today's edition will give you a brief introduction.
At present, there are mainly two kinds of desiccant in the market, one is silica gel desiccant, the other is mineral desiccant. The two contrast, each has its own merits, users should choose their own desiccants according to their needs, the following look at the differences between them.
1. The main component of silica gel desiccant silica gel desiccant is silicon dioxide. The production process of silica gel is more complicated and the production energy consumption is larger. Therefore, the cost is higher. But its safety performance is very good, and its stability is strong. It will not release adsorbent in high temperature environment, and its service life is longer, and it has the characteristics of recycling and reprocessing. Sex.
2. Mineral desiccant mineral desiccant moisture absorption capacity is also good, and silica gel desiccant capacity is equivalent, but it is suitable for humidity less than 50%, there are certain limitations. However, mineral desiccants are more environmentally friendly and pollution-free. The raw materials of mineral desiccants are derived from natural minerals, which can be degraded naturally after being discarded, and the production cost is low. It is also the development direction of a new generation of desiccants.

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