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Comparison of desiccant

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Concentrated sulfuric acid: acid desiccant, water absorption is very strong, is a high-efficiency desiccant mainly used for acid and neutral dry gas, generally not used for solid and liquid drying.
Anhydrous calcium chloride: acid desiccant (strong acid weak alkali salt) is mainly used for drying acid gas, also belongs to high-efficiency desiccant, used for drying acid gas, can not dry alkaline gas, can be used for drying solids and liquids, dry solids and solids are generally placed in the dryer at the same time, dry liquids should be noted, No. It can be used for drying alcohols and alkaline liquids, because calcium chloride can form alcohols with alcohols.
Caustic soda: NaOH, weak drying capacity, mainly used for the general drying of alkaline and neutral gases, can not be used for drying acidic substances.
Alkali lime: a mixture of calcium hydroxide and sodium hydroxide, in which sodium hydroxide is the main drying agent
Quick lime: Calcium oxide, also a highly efficient desiccant, reacts with water to form calcium hydroxide, which is used for drying alkaline substances but not acid substances.
Anhydrous copper sulfate: acidic desiccant for drying acidic substances.
Other commonly used desiccant
Anhydrous sodium sulfate: a neutral desiccant with weak drying ability and slow drying speed. It is generally used for drying liquids. It is characterized by no chemical reaction with the dried substances, so it is widely used in chemical industry.
Anhydrous magnesium sulfate: acid desiccant, strong drying capacity, fast drying speed, generally not used in the drying of alkaline substances
Anhydrous sodium carbonate: alkaline desiccant, which is weak in drying capacity and is generally used for drying neutral and alkaline liquids.
Colourless silica gel: A neutral, strong desiccant, commonly used in the drying of trace amounts of water in a system and as a water indicator in a system.
4A molecular sieve: neutral strong desiccant, used for drying system in general desiccant can not be removed from the trace water. It is widely used in industry.

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