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How to choose high quality container desiccant?

Release Date:2018-11-05  View:1356

How to choose the best container desiccant? It is believed that this is a very troublesome problem for many enterprises when they begin to arrange for the moisture-proof work of export goods. It is much more difficult to buy special desiccants for export goods in containers than to choose ordinary desiccants. Because the goods must experience huge diurnal temperature difference and high temperature and humidity climate in the export sea container.
There are many kinds of container desiccants on the market, but the quality is not uniform, such as silica gel desiccant, quicklime desiccant, montmorillonite mineral desiccant and calcium chloride desiccant. Among them, the moisture absorption rate of several calcium chloride desiccant is stronger. Compared with other ordinary silica gel desiccants, only 15% of the moisture absorption rate and maintain a week or so of hygroscopic aging. Minghui Container Desiccant has more than 300% moisture absorption capacity, so it is more suitable for damp-proof use in container.
So in addition to higher moisture absorption capacity, what other places should we pay attention to when choosing container desiccants? Next, we will solve your worries by Ming Hui technology.
The moisture absorption time is long. It is not only necessary for the container desiccant to have a higher moisture absorption capacity than the ordinary desiccant, like Minghui container desiccant. Its moisture absorption time must at least meet the requirement to escort your export products to the destination port safely and dry. Minghui Container Desiccant can effectively and continuously absorb moisture for up to 90 days. It can not only escort the goods to the hands of guests, but also effectively resist moisture invasion when the goods are delivered to the warehouse of guests.
Safety and environmental protection. High quality container desiccant must be the same as Minghui desiccant, 100% does not contain DMF. It has been proved that it does not contain DMF (dimethyl fumarate) by SGS, TUV and EUROFINS, which are the authoritative third-party inspection organizations in the world. The product meets the EU REACH standard and the latest CLP requirements. Products can be exported to all parts of the world.
Zero loading space for cargo loading. Minghui Container Desiccant is designed to be directly inlaid into the groove of the inner wall of the container. It does not occupy any cargo loading space. It can also monitor the moisture of the cargo all day.

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