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Several major uses of desiccant

Release Date:2021-08-23  View:572

What are the major uses of desiccant? When we eat snacks, we often find that there are small bags of desiccant in the food packaging. Most people usually throw it away, and curious people will tear it open. Sometimes there is powder inside. , Sometimes it is granular, what is the use of this in the end?

In fact, the role of desiccant is very simple, it is to reduce the humidity in the food packaging bag. If the humidity in the food packaging can be reduced, can it be used in other places in life? Minghui desiccant is distributed in the following aspects Use it!

  1, underwear drying

After washing and drying underwear, we must not store it at will. After all, it is underwear. In order to keep it clean and avoid cross-infection with other clothes, it is better to store it in a special underwear storage box! The rainy season is coming soon and the rain will increase. To increase moisture, in order to prevent the underwear from returning to moisture, the desiccant saved at home can be of great use. Put it in the underwear storage box, two or three bags, the moisture-proof effect is very good!

  2, drying of grain

  In addition to rice and white noodles, some cereals and legumes are also stored at home. In order to prevent them from spoiling and moisture, try not to store them in plastic bags, or store them in special storage boxes. At this time, you can put the desiccant in the food into the food storage box. Some people think that this is not safe and hygienic, but in fact, as long as the desiccant is not damaged, there is no problem in putting it in between, and the desiccant is odorless and non-toxic. Yes, it will not affect future consumption, but remember to change the desiccant frequently!

  3, the phone is dry with water

  Digital products are easy to get damp. Take mobile phones for example, if they are not used for a long time, they are not placed in a good location, and they are easy to get damp, especially the battery. Therefore, not only should the mobile phone be stored in a dry place, but also take care of moisture-proof measures. Two or three packs of desiccant, put it in the place where the phone is stored, can prevent the phone from getting damp and will not affect the use. If the phone has been damp or water, first use a towel to do some drying treatment, but the technique must be gentle, and after the treatment, put some desiccant to consolidate it!

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